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What's Kantatsu?

Kantatsu aims to become top brand in micro lens unit field

Kantatsu produce micro lens unit for mobile devices like a smart phone.

March 2002, J-PHONE, currently Softbank Group Corp., was sold feature phone "J-SH51" made by Sharp Corporation which became widespread and original mold of camera-equipped mobile phone. Our micro lens unit was adopted at that model. We went into camera lens module market from early stage.

We have cultivated planning, processing and controlling technologies relating to precision press molded parts and precision devices through producing VCR mechanism unit since inauguration in 1979.We introduced new optical technology and captured No.1 share of the Japanese market for micro lens equipped smart phone and feature phone. We are one of the best micro lens maker.

As smart phone spread, the more micro lens market become larger, we expand our products for overseas customers with high performance and quality. We will make a crucial breakthrough.