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Our Strength

Four technologies that Kantastu accumulated


Mold: microfabrication technique in nano level

  1. We have a processing mold technology required in nano level. To utilize this technique, it is possible to correct optical axis slippage of two side of lenses and slippage of lens space within 1 μm level.
  2. We accumulate know-how to make temperature of mold uniform when processing, in designing structure of mold.

Forming: original transfer technique

  1. Original processing machine installations lead to improving performance and cost down.
  2. Unique coordinating and controlling technology makes temperature of mold uniform when processing. Establish most appropriate processing condition as operating closely.
  3. High production ability to keep on operating more than 1 week due to stability in forming.
  4. It is possible to take several lenses in forming lenses. At present, transferring from 12 lenses per cavity to 16 lenses per cavity.

Assembling: Excellent focusing technology

  1. To secure performance in assembling, we inimitably develop inter lock construction of lens. This technology is different from other companies and able to maintain accuracy of mold of lens surface in assembling.
    We succeeded to put inter lock construction suited to lens material practical use.

    ※Domestic patented

    Other companies
    • Method: Between lenses and barrel
    • Accuracy: Difficult due to hollowing
    • Control point: 6 points ( Lens and barrel ×3)
    • Mold accuracy: 5 to 10 μ

    • Method: Interval of lenses (L1&L2、L2&L3)
    • Accuracy: Maintain high precision
    • Control point: 4 points (Interval of lenses)
    • Mold accuracy: Under 1 μ
    1. Ensuring performance In accordance with the optical design
    2. Few variability of interval of cavity
    3. High reproducibility in increasing in surface of molds
    4. Reduce variability of work by self centering
    5. Ensuring suitable performance and quality in times of mass production
  2. Kantatsu have accumulated assembling know-how since its establishment through production of mechanical units for videos.
    Veteran engineers who experience assembly process manage production system flexibly regardless of alignment lens models or non- alignment lens models.
    Kantatsu keep on improving our skill to join many thin sheets of a lens on top of each other.

Product evaluation: Accurate test and measuring technique with cutting-edge facility

  1. Our product evaluation is top quality and performance in the world using the latest inspection and measuring instruments in optical industry.
  2. Abundant know-how that we innovate and create such as MTF measuring instruments which we develop by ourselves and auto inspection equipment is utilized in various scenes.

Corporate culture of cooperation

Adjusting techniques that elite engineers confer and collaborate with each other across their fields resolve problems as soon as possible. Furthermore, with improvement of production methods, consolidating planning and manufacturing prototype in Japan enable mass production in China.

Challenge to new technologies

We are challenging of downsizing, low profile, high pixel and high performance of lens. In mobile terminal market, devices make the shift from mobile terminals to wearable terminals for the future.
Customer demands for camera of smart phone changes from shooting function to image recognition function. So, demands of high performance camera will expand.
Kantastu makes a leap forward, taking advantage of optical and micro technology.