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Message from Top Management

Taking on new business 

Traditional Kantatsu strengths in applying mechanical and optical technologies in volume production have in recent years enabled us to supply advanced, high-quality products for the smartphone microlens market, and we have built on the firm trust of our customers to gain prominence on the world stage.

Yet the past few years have confronted us with unprecedented crises from the pandemic and sudden changes in global markets, leaving us no option but downsizing.

We have therefore implemented far-reaching structural reform through business selection and concentration, as we reinforce the foundation for corporate revitalization, retrain our core elements, and push forward in building and expanding new business.

Our first new enterprise is launching camera module business. Taking over production processes previously performed by other group companies and establishing a robust framework with integrated development and production for components from lenses to modules gives us an opportunity to raise the bar in quality, cut costs, and innovate to create highly value-added business in this market. This has provided a second pillar of business after microlenses.

The second is overhauling our lens business. A mainstay of this business has been the smartphone market, where a leveling off after rapid growth now calls on us to branch out with the future in mind. To this end, Kantatsu has ventured into the promising digital transformation (DX) market. In imaging, growth of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality (for which AR, VR, and MR give us the collective term XR) is surging, and we continue to make advances in large lenses, polymer lenses, and eye-tracking lenses for devices such as head-mounted displays and smartglasses. Kantatsu is further developing advanced microlens technologies and steadily acquiring these new technologies to establish volume production technologies, working diligently to expand the boundaries of lens business. Looking ahead, we will also be moving into in-vehicle cameras and refining our advanced optical technology at a faster pace as we help shape the future of imaging.

As president and CEO, I lead employees who stand united despite the hurdles in our turbulent, fast-changing industry, where a reward for breaking through and gaining prominence after much hard work is the wonderful new vistas that await.

Furthermore, as members of society, we must contribute to a more sustainable society by grasping the degree to which our corporate activities affect the social environment from a long-ranging perspective and generating better outcomes, rather than merely pursuing short-term profits. As the social environment changes at a dizzying pace, we will strive to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through all of our corporate activities.
I sincerely appreciate your continued support and guidance going forward.

  • President
  • Osamu Iuchi