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Message from Top Management

We lead the Way with optical technology 

We have cultivated planning, processing and controlling technologies relating to precision press molded parts and precision devices since inauguration in 1979.

Since 2000, we introduced new optical technology and have obtained a high reliability and evaluation from both inside and outside the country as a leading company in micro lenses field for smart phones and feature phones.

Market condition of camera lenses for smart phone, main camera which installed high-ends models require high-resolution. Smart phone makers demand high functionality, such as high speed and precision in auto focus performance and twin lenses and MEMS function associated with high functionality in auto focus optical system.

The use of micro lenses will expand new field such as vehicle video system and medical with the advance of high-definition technology.

In such environment, micro lens unit is required microminiaturization to coincide with sensor and elaborate structure to maximize sensor capacity.

We locate high precision optical equipments and latest measuring machines to improve our skill in micro technologies, reinforcing processing technique for high precision mold ,forming technique and advanced evaluation technique

To progress opto-mechatronics technology that we accumulate long time and to combine new fields, we plan to create new products or services which have never seen and then develop a competitive advantage in global market.

To keep on a company that required from many customers, we innovate optical technology and processing technique for high precision mold, so that we develop and improve our business globally to contribute realization of affluent society.

  • President
  • Philip Chang