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Mass Production (China Plant)


Precision molding compound is a process to pour molten plastic into mold. Especially mold of aspheric lens is the most important operation. We can produce aspheric lenses accurately, even those freely shaped & its curvature are diversified. It involves such as characteristic of resin, construction of the mold die, thermal management etc.,many our own unique technology & know how are capable for us to supply high quality, most suitable high precision work of lens unit.

  • Molding in the clean room

  • Molding in the clean room

Deposition of thin film

  • Reflection and refraction of light inside lenses lead flare occurrence. Circle of lights and ball which occurred different from light source is called ghost image. To coat lens with antireflection materials decrease flare occurrence and ghost image. This method is called vacuum deposition. Deposition of thin film are formed by attaching lens with heated up evaporation coating materials. Evaporation coated in nano-levels in many-layered is fine process and improve optical feature of lens.

  • thin film deposition in the clean room

Assembling and inspection

Efficient production line utilized assembling technology is cost-effective. We keep on challenging to innovate a production method and technology with using an in-house development facilities and measuring equipment. Developing original self-manufacturing process free from theory, automating assembly lines and operating efficiency enable to lower costs.

Quality control

To maintain the level of quality control constructed in Japan, training for local staff and practicing in Japan lead them to improve technique. We guarantee quality from the first prototype because we test mass production trial in China and present certified products based on the trial. This saves receiving inspection by customers. Quality evaluation in clean room with the latest measuring equipment is managed strictly & correctly.

  • Ultra Accuracy 3-D Profilometer (UA3P300)

  • CNC Video Measuring System(NEVIV)

  • Parts acceptance inspection process

  • Shipping inspection