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Mold Fabrication (Japan Bases)

Planning and development

  • We will meet the customer's demands with high performance and high speed. In optical design, based on the accumulated data and considering feature of optical plastic materials which are diverse index of refraction, we respond to technical trend using the latest optical design software. In mold planning, we design appropriate ultra-precision mold to forming accurate aspherical lens by using software for analyzing the fluidity of forming simulation.

  • Optical design

  • Mechanical Design

  • Mold design

Mold Process

High precision mold and aspheric lens mold processed by the latest facilities leads designed value to mass production exactly. Mold plays important role in plastics molding process. So, molds are made by machines with ultra precision processing function. These machines which are able to process by submicron units to produce every detail of lens. Processing high performance aspheric lens requires ultrahigh precision parts such as aspheric pieces. It is necessary to use machines with ultra precision processing function to aspheric lens at a nanometer level.

  • Machining center

  • Machining center

  • Die-sinker EDM

  • Wire-cut EDM

  • CNC lathe

  • Jig Grinder

  • Surface Grinder

  • High Precision Aspheric Surface Grinder

Producing sample product

Producing sample product reflect design accuracy in good faith and quickly.

  • Lens molding

  • Unit assembly

Use many ultra-precision measurement equipment, and evaluated in the sub-micron accuracy, and ensure the quality of the product.

  • Ultra Accuracy 3-D Profilometer (UA3P300)

  • CNC Video Measuring System(NEVIV)