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High-performance, high-quality lens

A top level technology in micro lens field

Micro lens technology

Production of aspheric lens

In the past shape of all lenses had been spherical surface. By using spherical surface only for optical use, it does require a number of lenses and objects were defocused and warped.
These defocused and warped effect were called aberration. To decrease aberration, aspherical lens was devised. Adopting aspherical lens makes the number of lens decrease and makes object sharp and non-warped. Furthermore, aspherical lens makes micro lens unit small and enable to cost down.

In order to achieve the superior performance require to manufacture the aspherical lens at the level of 0.1um precisely.
By normal machining only is too difficult to achieve a such high precision result. However if can measure with high precisely measurement machine, and enable to use those output result to feed it back to ultra precision molding processing machine for an outcome.

In order to produce aspherical lens used for smart phone camera on a large scale, we make molds and inject plastic into the molds, but it is impossible to transcribe as a design because of its shrinkage.
It is not until measuring mold and molded lens accurately, calculating its shrinkage of molded lens to feed it back to the design for mass production.

Requirement of lens preciseness

Recently, smart phone become thinner and also the size of camera lens required small. To fulfill both demands which are thinner and improving imaging performance become challenging.
Moreover, due to enlarge of LED display, and camera's high pixel size trend, auto-focus trend, driven by the progress of image sensors lead to more precise lens ,which eventually demand more element of lenses for a lens unit.

When assembling several element of lenses, problem occur that optical axis being moved over, "eccentricity"phenomenon. To resolve this problem, turning element of lenses aligned by microscopically to lead to secure optical performance. Our automatic assembly machines equipped with this technique to be applied instantly.

Improving lens performance, ultra high precision optical devices are required such as MTF measuring device, eccentric measuring device. Also, lots of measuring data and know-how of improving performance are needed.

Therefore, it is not until placement of ultra high precision optical devices, accumulation of measuring data and developing latest automatic assembly machines that we can not neglect to produce micro lens at large scale.

Road to production

We introduced high precise measuring instruments and precision processing machine at early stages. We succeeded to produce high performance aspherical lens, reinforcing a processing technique for mold and a forming technique. We achieved to produce ultra small micro lens units, owing to introducing ultra high precision optical devices and using original producing technique combining several lenses accurately.
We try to improve the precision of lens with innovating technology in micro lens market.