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Environment Activity

Environmental philosophy

We operate an environmental management system and actively promotes environmental activities based on the concept of "conducting people and environment-friendly corporate activities with sincerity, creativity and enthusiasm".

Environmental policy

We are engaged in the design and manufacture of microlenses, high-power zoom lenses, precision molded parts, etc., and has formulated the following environmental policy on the basis of the above environmental philosophy to govern environmental preservation activities.

  1. Energy saving
    Conserve energy such as electric power used in production activities.
  2. Reduction of industrial waste
    Separate industrial waste thoroughly and reduce waste by promoting the recycling of waste.
  3. Reduction of enviromentally hazardous substances
    Reduce environmentally hazardous substances and continuously maintain and improve environmental quality through our business activities.

  4. Through environment and safely management
    Comply with environment-related laws and regulations, customer requirements and other rules to prevent environmental pollution.

Environmental policy management

Environmental policy management

  1. Define environmental objectives and develop and implement specific action plans on the basis of the environmental policy, and conduct a regular review and continuous improvement of the policy.
  2. Strive to ensure that all employees thoroughly understand the environmental policy, by putting up posters in the factories.
  3. Inform our customers about the environmental policy and ask for their cooperation, and make the environmental policy available to the public.

Certification of ISO14001 Environmental Management System

ISO1 4001


ISO 14001
Obtained in April, 2000